The day you rose from the dead is coming near; yet all man is doing is planting seed of candy in little kids minds and ears, not truly defining what the day really means and how it set us free from going through a man to pray and get to you, why many may ask.
Even though we were not there to see, when your death tore down the vail to the holy of holies where once a year the high persist would go in, with a rope tied around his waist just in case his body fell dead, praying for everyone’s sin. Now all we have to do is bend down on our knees to pray before the holy trinity.
The women rose and found you up and moving around, just as you had said when you were walking around and witnessing to them; so no they were not scared. But happy to see your words had come to life, and the prophesy for filled knowing and fully willing to keep their faith in you and do whatever you told them to do.
When you told them to gather everyone to come to you, so they could also could see, you had risen from hell and got the victory over life and death. You Father are the only one who can control the heavens, earth, and also hell; that is why those in you shall prevail, each and every time they fail, or fall as long as they look to the hills from which cometh their help. Knowing the power that you have in your mighty hand.
You the one who came to earth to save the world from sin, not wanting your father to wipe earth away as he did to the first one back in the day; when he wash them and it all away. That is why so many praise your holy name knowing if you had not laid down your life for us way back then, earth would have had to start all over again. Many look at the rainbow not knowing why it appears in the sky, it is his promise to man he will never kill us with the waters of heaven again.
Yes this day which the world calls Easter marks the day, you rose from the horrible beating you took as on lookers looked, and cheered them on as man killed, the on living son. You knew this is what you came to do, and was sacrificing your fleshly body for everyone back then could be free form sin.
So where did the candy come in, I cannot see, it’s just a way for man to make money, This is why we must spread the word and his holy book for others to know the story and what his soul went through for both me and you; so give honor were honor is due. He is the reason and everyone should really know the order in which his life, death, and rising all was done to save us and get off the candy bus!
Copyright of
Donnita Jones
March 26,2020

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