Easy to yes or no.
Easy to pick up or put down.
Easy to walk toward or walk away.
Easy to just stop.

Actions are easy to complete.
Movements are easy when its automatic.
What is not easy is the brain.
The obstacles the brain faces is not easy.

Hard to stop the brain from thinking.
Hard to stop from going crazy.
Hard to stop the impulses from changing actions.
Hard to stop a free fall when you jump in.

Self control can make a person.
Self control is only perception.
Self control is my strength for the First One.
Self control is blind to the audience while my brain keeps saying no.

No one will ever see how hard easy is.
No one would desire my competition of saying no to easy.
No one is stronger than my self control.
No one would experience “easy” in my thoughts.

Nothing easy about my sobriety.
I am the strongest person in the world with sobriety.
My “No not today” is a whole fleet of soldiers standing upon my shore line.

F*ck off Angie

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
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This Poems Story

It is so easy to say no to things. Why was i unable to say no at times. Now that I am sober the word flows out of my mouth with ease instead of the instant hand drawn forward for the substance.