Easy-Way Out

In the shadows of a troubled mind,
Echoes whisper, sharp and unkind.
A syringe lays ready, promise so grim,
A desperate way out, life's lights dim.

"I need help," says a voice so low,
Lost in the noise, where do I go?
Alone and dark, I've lost my way,
Heart heavy with loss, night replaces day.

Loved ones have left with each setting sun,
The faces I loved, now they're all gone.
Their memories haunt like a sad, cold breeze,
Leaves rustling softly in the trees.

Now in this dark, I stand alone,
With the syringe, my thoughts have flown.
It tempts with peace, a quiet end,
A silent promise, a false friend.

But through the sadness, one tear falls,
A memory of love within these walls.
Could I find the strength to share,
The need for help, show that I care?

The room stays quiet, the clock ticks slow,
A hidden fight, no one can know.
As night gets deeper, hope seems far,
Alone I sit, with my unseen scar.

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