Eat or Be Eaten

Ow that hurt!
The needle that is,
It hurt almost as bad as you.
But yet,
that needle only punctured my skin.
Were as you sliced my heart.
Each section so thin that,
wholeness is merely just a thought.
The needle was never in intentional.
But for you I was prey.
So you watched and waited in the shadows.
Letting me fill up with hopes and... that thing.
You know, that thing
Many know it but usually only fools.
But when your stripes and spots blend in with the tall grass.
It's hard, it's hard to see the chase before it starts.
Its hard, to tell when your in the chase
And if their chasing for you or at you.
That when it happens.
All those hopes and that love gets teeth slicing through it.
What could hurt worse!
Do you feel accomplished?
Did you prove your triumphant victory?
Needle..,thread.. quick!
Stitch after stitch, prick after pricks
But it still hurts less than what you've did.

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