you see that piece of cake
it looks strangely like my inadequacy
quick eat it all
hide it from the world
they don't need to know how not good enough we are
oh and look there's all the times they called us "too skinny"
make sure you consume all of the fries
we don't need them to hear it
wait don't forget the names they called you
open that pack of oreos and eat every last one
silence the voice calling out
latching on to your greening skin
now now my dear don't get sick
don't let them see what words do
what touches do
don't let them see that ice cream or that pie
no no you are strong you are whole
that sadness you feel turn it into snickers
or maybe even the last scoop of cobler
you know no one wants to see you
know you talk to you but that table in front of you
but just to make it better
you see your body
it won't tell anyone our secret
not a word of it
it will stay thin and curved
ready for more prying eyes to survey and judge and disect

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