Ebola in the Air

Ebola, Ebola what is the scare
that has the people up in the air
One day you up the next day you down.
This virus is deadly it put people in the ground
The pain is great and the suffering is long
and no one but God can calm it down .
What is the cause that brought it about
and how do we stop this terrible transmission throughout.
We cried for help from the nation afar to repair our despair
We are the African countries in despair - Ebola, Ebola everywhere.
Ebola outbreak! Let me tell the place
Liberia and Senegal are in the race.
African nations run to and fro
With fear in their life they do not know.
CDC personnel come to all
With research teams and medical staff on call.
Ebola virus all can see
for 21 days no new cases came to be
But let us wait for 42
to be sure that human to human transmission will renew
Epidemiologist work is great
to find a cure and end the fears and pains of those who wait
All countries should be vigilant and prepare,
for this deadly virus is in the air!

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