It's the dark night sky.
The darkness that seeps into your room at night.
That brings the silence,
where you can hear nothing.
Nothing more than a thump in my chest,
that lets me alone with my thoughts.
The monster that creeps into bed with me.
and sends shivers up my spine,
though I am alone in the darkness.
True identity is hidden,
underneath my bed, in my closet, in the night.

So why do I look forward to the night?
Why does the dark excite me rather than scare me?
Why does the thump get louder?
Why do my thoughts come out to play?
Why do I dream rather than fear?
Why can I see as clear as day in the dark?
Why have I made friends with the monsters,
in my room, in my life.
I seek the night
I follow the stars that stay in my eyes because
the night has broken me... you have broken me.

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