My words echo
Across the Sea
The Sea of loneliness between you and I
The Sea of darkness where the monsters hide
My words float in pitch-black
Looking for any human being
Dead or alive, I must speak to them
By writing, I choose to refuse silence
I scream in the dead of the night
I wait for anyone who replies
I can lift hearts up
Back to the surface of euphoria
Rolling through the waves of chaos
We’ll stop to watch the moving clouds
Listen to my words
To again love this World
Everything is moving so fast
But my words are spoken softly
Across the Sea
I whisper tales of love into your ears
My letters make sentences of healing powers
Just to listen is not the only purpose
My words echo on and on
Trying to reach the lost
My words make ripples in time
Trying to heal anyone there
I want you to recognize your voice
Speak back to me across the Ocean waves
So your words can echo too
Across the Sea with never-ending echoes

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