We were not meant to survive.
We have been placed here for failure.
With a mind of your own that is even against your success
Is it even possible?
What is there left to do but become hopeless for a happy ending

Voices in your mind,
Saying to just give up.
Do you silence them?
Find a way to unplug the megaphone they use to persuade?
Is that even possible?
Running through the darkness
Piercing echos of the voices saying its not worth it
You search and search
But the plug is no where to be found
What now
Do you listen?

Leaning against the cold wall,
slowly you fall
Tears streaming down.
A tsunami of emotions.
But it seems too late to find shelter.
The wave crashes over your head
Pressure builds
Do you swim up above the waters
Is that even possible?
Or let them pull you further out to sea

Looking up theres a hand.
Upon grabbing it you break through the waters back to reality
The owner of the hand stands in front of you
The face is unrecognizable
You reach out to hug them in forgiveness
Smashing against the glass of a mirror
It becomes clear who has saved you
But how is that possible?

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