Eclipse of Eternal Bliss

By Ben Sy   

My soul died in December…
Falling from these fists
Into the ninth circle past an abyss.
Licking Death’s deceitful smile,
As he whispers,
“We will be gone for just a while.”
Father Time has a knife at the door.
Mother Earth will see me no more.
Winter cold calling my name -
Turning this heart to bitter grey.
Some say this is the time to pray
But God hates to hear my name…
Memories smother my mind -
Falling into the land of the blind.
I forgot to take my meds today -
Everyone is watching me go insane.
Needing pills of patchwork peace
To fix the limbic leak…
My face turns to the night sky
With these suckholes of jaded eyes
Into this corner bag tied with lies.
Dying inside this delusional ditch,
As promises turn to a timid kiss -
Wishing away eternal bliss…

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