Ecological Excitement

Study of what now?
Oh, it's nature's psychology!
That's odd phrasing.
How so?
Well, just so you know-

The natural world’s fading
Nothing is left but
casing upon casing;
the whole forest’s gettin’ cut!
All the deer are dyin’,
the rabbits ain't multiplyin.
The hunters are out
No, not wolves
but humans, so devout!
Well, why don't we just kick ‘em all out?

Very funny
You know the government gets the money.
they profit from the trees
the amber blood
the armored flesh

They bundle up the companies,
the lumber mediocrities,
and shout “Save the planet!”
“Use less gas!”
oops, looks like Horton hears a liar

You don’t remember the plants
the animals
everything that lives in the forests and oceans!
They’re shoved aside to make your oil and your fas and kneepads for your skaters

It all boils down to one question, though-

plastic or paper?

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