Roaring feet of war
that watch Eden, thrust
feet in pompous swagger
to display military flare
reminiscent of Burmese days.
'lep right, lep right
ab - ou - t turn, for - war- d
match and attention!
Yep, lep right ... attention'

calves bulging, eye darting
suspicious glances'
when we till the soil
of Eden with the aborigines
from dawn to dusk
when Eden is weary
and yawns for rest, and
aborigines return home.

Now all's quiet, air is still
but leaves rustle. We hear
flapping wings of birds from
high up in the sky. Eden
is hollow; echoe reechoes
to it's fringe.

we see weather bring
sunshine of the tropical kind,
everywhere lit, everywhere
hot as from burning flame
... Rain when it pours, drops
from leaves of tree to earth,
everywhere wet, all in somber
mood. In between, Eden is
mellow and smiles breezy.

This venerable domain
writes a vibrant heritage
of Eden's keeper, as emblem
of toil, the summary of
ventures, and Eden's
watch dog in the prime of
time. Esteem swells to groom
pro generation to remember
Eden ... power, governance and
influence, his steps rhythmic.

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This Poems Story

The passion is noble life once led that's a fond remembrance. While not a warrior the protagonist in this piece is the father of the narrator. He returns home after world war 2 in Europe, after demobilization where he was stationed at Burma. He sets up a family and secures a job after winning a District Officer's admiration by a gallantry salute of a soldier. From then on he assumes job responsibilities of artisan (carpenter and mason), skills acquired in the army aside from routine sanitizing of air craft bombers. Eden is a government reserve and used as farm land (horticulture for subsistence) and is a virgin land next to where he worked with his men and he is assigned the task of watching and protecting the land. Eden, mimics 'God's Garden of Eden' in the sense that it is a richly blessed with wild life and vegetation. Narrator relishes the times.