edge of the world

the Sun and Moon crossed above an untouched earth—
meeting under an unbroken sky.
the two Luminaries shared the sky for a moment,
quietly hung.
the balance softly slipped and shifted—
flinging the sky into a rosy retrospection.
the Sun lifted the Moon into the sky,
he himself beginning to sink below the edge of the world.
the skeletons of creation black on his face as he sank into his grave—
lighting it in fiery colors, he went up in flames
as the last flickers fell from the shocks of wheat.
lifting her higher, he watched as she spread her arms
and from her fingertips dripped stars—
beading on the ebony sky like pearls;
and that was the last he saw
as he fell below the edge of the world.

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This Poems Story

This is about the relationship between the sun and the moon as the sun sets, setting the switch between day and night into motion, as the night emerges and the day fades away.