Maybe I should of been pessimistic.
So that today I wouldn't feel dejected.
I was in over my head, I should of seen it.
Its my fault that now, I feel so neglected.

I can't share this blame.
I'm stupid to have thought it would work.
My heart was just hurting so bad.
Why do I always have to be the jerk?

Its hard to believe love is real .
When I've experienced too much.
It's hard to believe there's a better one.
When I felt goosebumps with every touch.

I never saw it coming.
I thought we were getting better.
I'm feeling like trash.
But I'm still holding on to every letter.

It just doesn't make sense.
Its just so incoherent.
All these words are bottled up in my head.
I had to spill the pain. I had to share it.

My view on relationships have changed
Its all just too complicated.
I'm through with this dreamland.
I'm now way too educated.

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