Education is for learning something new
and to make new friends also listening to
our teacher's because we need to take it
for how many years of study just to finish

We finish it we are already have a
job so better to listen carefully then
take down notes all your lesson because
Education is a powerful weapon it can change
the world .

Educated without a heart the mind will
not educated by itself why don't you go
to school and have fun for learning although
to teach to live forever 2 teach+2 teacher= 4 ever.

Never be lazy and don't break even therules
that they give to you no talking and shouting
during class and do not transfer seat also no
eating then lastly respect teacher's and others.
Then no mess in the floor.

Your mess should put in the trash can
no bullying inside and outside the classroom
never be a bully one you should be friends inside
and also out.

Don't mind them if they are saying
bad words because that is really bad
even to the teacher because teacher's
are the hero that could teach us Just be
a guy.

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This Poems Story

this lesson is about from education that can change the world and learning something new to our teachers and also making friends.