Education,an super equaliser..

Education,an super equaliser..
Poet -Baroswa
In realms of rhythmic verse, I shall paint,
A tapestry of thoughts, where words acquaint,
With the essence profound, an ode to wield,
To education, the equalizer revealed.

With alliteration's charm, let sounds align,
As education's echoes sweetly entwine,
Where wisdom's wings unfurl, aspirations aspire,
And minds are ignited, passions set on fire.

Assonance whispers softly, melodies of the mind,
As education's symphony, harmonies unwind,
In the tapestry of knowledge, where voices intone,
The power of learning, as seeds are sown.

Metaphors shall dance, revealing the truth,
Education, a beacon, a guiding sleuth,
Like a lighthouse in darkness, it illuminates the way,
Unveiling horizons, where dreams can hold sway.

Similes, as gentle breeze, shall softly blow,
Education's fragrance, through hearts it shall flow,
As a river of enlightenment, it meanders and gleams,
Nourishing intellect, bridging vast streams.

Personification lends its grace to the scene,
Education whispers, as a confidant serene,
Empowering minds, with courage to defy,
The shackles of ignorance, soaring up high.

Hyperbole shall boldly proclaim its verse,
Education's might, an everlasting nurse,
Infinite potential, it proclaims with pride,
"Illuminating minds far and wide!"

Onomatopoeia echoes with scholarly might,
In classrooms alive, where knowledge takes flight,
Books rustle and pages turn with eager delight,
As education's symphony fills day and night.

Repetition, a steady heartbeat's refrain,
Education's anthem, forever shall remain,
Chanting dreams, in unison they unite,
A chorus of minds, kindling futures bright.

Imagery paints landscapes of the mind,
Education's vista, transcending confines,
Golden rays of understanding, the sun's gentle caress,
Mountains of insight, where dreams coalesce.

Symbolism reveals truths, profound and deep,
Education, a dove, soaring in heavens' keep,
Uniting hearts and minds, crossing every divide,
A beacon of hope, where humanity takes pride.

Oh, education, the equalizer supreme,
In society's tapestry, you reign supreme,
With stylistic devices, this poem I impart,
To celebrate your significance, oh, education, thou art!

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Education is a super equaliser. It\'s has golden significance.