Effortless Journey

Along my path witch never seems to past
I find I can't seem to grasp
wondering alone in the world I calll home
I never know where i'll go

I keep searching for a sign
I just feel as if i'm allways left behind
singing my own song
knowing right from wrong
i'm just waiting for some-one to start singing along

my words are true ,but leave most blue in the face
and are gone without a trace
tell me is there a single soul in this world that can keep the pase?

leaving my mark upon the world
and not letting most have a word
I talk a lot to be heard,
but more is better than just one word

I may not know what is best ,but for me it's not about the rest
i'm just me and at the end of each day
atleast I can say i gave it my all
and even if it makes a mess
it's better than not trying atall.

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