The nest of the egret
Is perfectly built
Every stick and stone perfectly set
Fixed as the nest begins to wilt

The young egret gets to grow
In the nest made just for the egret baby
Not for the oriole, owl, or crow
But why would the egret want it to be?

The cycle repeats and the egret raise their fruit
The egret teaches their brood how to build a nest
And follow the same given route
They do not allow any guests

The other birds watch the cycle repeat
And try to follow the same path
But the egret is far ahead of the fleet
They ignore the other bird's wrath

Though the egret is not the superior bird
It has had the greatest past
The egret thinks the other birds are absurd
For not getting there as fast

The egret forgets that it was raised like a king
And taught how to do the same
The other birds finally have a song to sing
But the egret has already won the game

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