Give him brown black infinity’s to see you
The kind of eyes you would sell your soul to
Climb lust first through
Get lost

Strong hands
Throw you up against the wall hands break your fall hands carry you across hell hands
Fingers ever in your hair
Always yours plans

Stand him up on legs twice mine
Their stride always true - walking ever to you
Oak tree height with roots ground in sky

Dress him up in jazz and temptation
All blues and bowtie
Singing in swing bands speaking in sonnets

A smile that dances like candle flame
Autumn day
Leaves falling from his limbs

Lips that move in hunger
Burning sweet cigar breath
Honey covered musk

Adorn his head with thought
A mind that thinks on canvas – painting truth you can believe and become
A mural you can step into – oils as earth – one

Now breathe warmth into his blood
Dripping red flame for vein
His heart beat in tongues only mine can hear

Lion freedom - Shepard loyalty
Kill for you live for you give my whole to you loyalty
My very own knight
I bow to you - rapture royalty

Finally - bestow him with will
all his own
Let him come
And let him stay
Upon death til

My little Frankenstein
Separated once for by time
I send for you


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