Eighty-Eight Dollars

Layin on my bed I see you through my tears,
even after all these years...
Never thought I'd feel the way I did when I was nine,
watching you fall in to a love that wasn't mine.
And I cried yeah...
Eighty-eight dollars and a broken heart is all I'm left with now.
Eighty-eight dollars and a broken dream that I only heard in my head,
....now it makes no sound....
Hearin' about the adventures that you've had,
knowing there were none with me,
has me write about a heartbreak that I hadn't felt,
since I was in grade three.

I dried those tears like I did a long time ago,
Vowing not to feel them again.
This time I' m grown. I learned to live without it once,
I know I can do it again.
Someday someone will walk into my life,
And I'll forget about today.
It could still be you or somebody new.
But I know that here in this place,
Eighty-eight dollars and a broken heart might seem like a tragic end.
Eighty-eight dollars and a broken dream,
is what it took for my heart to mend.
Now, I'll stop crying over you.
No more crying over you.

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