El Dios De La Muerte

Just a little bit of spanish guitar,
Playing down in Mexico, I know just where you are.
Dancing in the streets below the blood red moon,
Please dance a little longer, I will be there soon.
Vibrations in the heatwaves, the Devil's pouring shots.
Little girls with flower petals playing "does he love me not".
Out among the graveyards that lie beisde the town,
the spirits moaning by their tombstones without making a sound.
A masquerade, a charade, as we stand by the parade,
Holding candles in the darkness, there's no need to be afraid.
Your touche, your kiss, that taste is what I miss.
That Tequila on your lips, you know I can't resist.
Holding each other close outside the Hotel San Jose,
A fantasy so close to me but still so far away.
And there's a little bit of spanish guitar,
Down here it's like the stardust from a shooting star.
I still see you dancing, still hear what you said,
"I'll see you here again on the next Day of the Dead".
I'm waiting for you on El Dios De La Muerte.
Flowers in your hair as you dance with me there.
I'm waiting for you on El Dios De La Muerte.
I can almost touch you as I feel you everywhere.
I'm waiting for you....

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