El Dorado # 2 (my version)

I too, seek the treasures out in El Dorado
Fortune and Fame, I strive to claim
Where ever the path, I would follow
To pass through its gates, and see what waits
In that city of El Dorado

I sought out the mystics, collected statistics
Studied maps stolen or borrowed
Committed sin, time and time again
Paid in blood on grounds sacred and hallowed
And I won’t rest, until my quest
Leads me to El Dorado

Does it lie beyond the mountain, or at the bottom of the sea?
is it a place that has a space,
For even the wicked to roam free?
Or only those who rush in where few dare to follow,
Foregoing a curse, or a fate much worse
Just to touch the land of El Dorado

Through the power of steel horse speed i do ride
Past the point of madness, and on the edge of the night
Beyond the trappings of nature, no thought of tomorrow
No Guilt, No Regret, just anger for not having yet
Reached the streets of El Dorado

Maybe I had been there, all along
Deaf to the melody of its sweet song
Blind to a truth too hard to follow
Your own fortunes to be made, in love you got and gave
That would stand longer than anything in El Dorado

Now I stand, old and grey, and watch another dying day
No longer wasting away, in the dark and lonely shadow
For the angels in the skies, have brought a beauty to my side
With treasure, far greater, within that of El Dorado

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