El Dorado

By Sami   

I looked far and wide for you. I searched high and low for you. I looked under rocks and above clouds. And searched the depths of the sea. It seemed something was determined to keep you away from me. I gave up the search and there you were. You stood there in front of me glowing with a kind of light I'd never seen. I had no idea how or when you got there, in fact I was almost convinced you were a dream. But I remembered getting out of bed and I knew that fire in my soul was real. I'd never felt so alive. I spent weeks trying to keep you next to me. Hoping my infatuation was clear to see. You finally made me yours and I cherished you and I loved you. I made you feel special, you did the same for me. When the time came for me to leave I promised thoughts of you would stay with me. I loved and you loved but somehow it wasn't enough. I went looking for more because it seemed I wasn't satisfied. I thought I found something, gold maybe? But I was fooled. I realized then what I had lost. A city of gold. My El Dorado... Tossed aside like a measly pebble because I couldn't see it's worth. Now that it's gone all I wish is to be buried beneath the earth...

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This Poems Story

This poem is about being greedy in love and seeking something more valuable when it doesn't exist.