el hermoso pero oscuro infierno

To face once’s own nightmares is not only bold but something to take hold of
The fire of the feelings unwanted but needed to come out as if what has been hidden will now come to surface
Feels hot, warm, uncomfortable just something you would only feel in hell to be honest
One, did not anticipate hell can be such an awesome thing
Yet, hell is depicted to be something negative and nothing positive
No lies can be told but, Lucifer is beautiful in his own way for he has shown me why his ways are so cruel and wicked
The irony with this type of thing is that he too has feelings he too needs the love and support
To care on his own deeds that he views in his island good…
The mirror flips Lucifer shows me how the hell can be so enjoyable when one is not alone
*Gasps for air oxygen possibly water*
You indeed suffocate in your feelings once you realize you and Lucifer are not all that different
Same people two different hells
I wish not to sound delusional but his hell perfect
Tho he has sinned and his judgement day will come forth and God will ask the questions on the blessed day
He will have changed
Just for the fact
There was someone to share in dark hell
So that hell that was once a hell for him
Will now be his version of heaven
That’s fucked up but, dope at the same time.

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