El Mercado

By Fruits   

I entered the south side-cameras, leather shoes, batteries and old comic books.
A miniature trade show-bargain basement, it was all I could take!
Toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, combs, brushes,-what a section it was really cool.
Cruising past an assortment of shoe laces I hit the meat market. And what a hit.
Heavy smell of raw flesh~and then cooked, hanging chickens from above and mystery meat
stewing below- I had to split-------
Spices, herbs, coffees and teas. What a lovely sight.
Displayed proudly in large baskets I wanted to take flight.
They gloved in natural colors- like an assortment of fireworks to an eager boy.
Continueing along the cement brick road came fruits and vegetables and breads galore.
Wanted to support the local economy and purchased some of each.
Counting out pesos and speaking Spanglish brought smiles to our faces~
and I had my Danish.
I left out the north walking into a curtain of floral aromas thick and heavy as steam.
What a sight to end my adventure. Flowers! Flowers everywhere and up to my nose.
The favorite part of the market for any one with sensitive toes.

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This Poems Story

In 1992 I went to a language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and we had our afternoons and weekends free to study and explore the area. One day I went to one of the cities mercados. This poem was my experience there.