Elaine the Fair

The river Thames is a blabby soul
Who speaks to whoever is near
I, myself know now of old
Some tragedy has happened here
I kneel beside the river Thames
And he gurgles up at me
His speech is slurred, but still I hear
The tale of the maiden lily
Burble, swish, gurgle, and slop
His words are fast but do not stop
Some wanderer hath given Thames wine
Which darkens his pallor and sours his brine
"Before this age when I was strong
and my body sweet and clear, I do recall
there once had been
A fair corpse-maiden here.
She traveled down my throat and spine
In a boat fashioned well, of yew
Do not raise your brow this way
What I tell you now is true!
She floated down, and was seen
By the very knight that did her wrong
He wept bitter tears, and unsweetened my waves
But too late, for she was gone.
Listen I tell you, she floated right there!
What a sad young woman, Elaine the Fair."

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