By Areej   

It is the season of making a choice,
nothing is really making sense in this noise,

Fake acts of innocence are being displayed,
and endless, hollow promises are being made,

Promises of food, shelter and health,
promises of peace, security and wealth,

Their words reminds me of the previous season,
reminds me of the acts still unaccounted for treason,

All these words that they speak sound so used,
trust of unfortunate people repeatedly bruised,

the candidates strip themselves of any honesty, any truth,
their biggest target is the energetic, naive youth,

their words are dripping with duplicity,
their hearts and minds filled with barbarity,

Now as I am supposed to choose,
my mind is confused due to different headlines from the news,

The old ones have been tried,
due to their vicious acts, even the sky cried,

But the new ones bring no true assurance,
what if they wreck us even more during their occurrence?

This crossroad results in three situations,
this season irreversibly divides the nations,

Some take the risk in the situation and choose the new,
Old ones get chosen again from where such daring people are few,

Some stay hidden and do not make a choice at all,
afraid of the blame of the wrong choice and such cowards are the worst of all.

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