Elegiac poecy

Spending nights in thinking heights
Verbs, vocabs, verses, and pros
Reading silently every thing twice
Willing to make my lyric right

Laying down the floor looking towards the sky,
Staring stars with the glass of wine ,
Trying to fly with wind to vibes ,hills to tides
Figuring where my world lies ,
That's all i want to live a life , But ,
I'm trapped in the cage called reality
They ruined my personality, and attached strings all over my individuality and disseminated me with cruesial case of insanity ,
Now the society will define my sanity,"your heart says wrong, your dreams are beyond stop being exceptional
Look at every one and you have to be them, "stop "
narrating motion ,emotion fear and pain or the tear you will only gain, " thats what said our mighty society
Who gave them right to decide my entirety ?
Sorry society!

I'll decide the certainity of my uncertain life,
and i'm not gonna give you any right ,
I'm gonna make my oceans deep ,that will swallow your all fake believes ,I'm gonna write my verses again ,again and again till my last vibe,

so the world will remember the story of every pain,
and the world will say look at that human ,who narrate and create all our faith, once they are bound inside the cage, now they are found rarely in this stoneage.

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