Elegy for a Friend

And as you part, you part this world, my tears are freshly flowing
And underneath my shaking feet are flowers gently growing.
The pain, the pain that you have felt
Is now in me instead,
For you are gone. And so I melt
With your thoughts in my head.
You are still, and will not move, no matter what I say.
And so I wait in solitude, while near you where you lay.

And as we part, we part as friends- I knew you all your life.
In this space there is a silence, cutting like a knife.
The heart, the heart that beat in you
Has faded to a halt
But still, the mind that once was yours
Remains a fruitful vault.
Remember all the glory days of lounging in the sun?
All the games that we would play, and never care who won.

And as I part, I part your side, I see you one last time
Before you’re swallowed by the earth and covered up with grime,
And the world, the world you knew
Will cease to still be yours
And death will come to lead you through
His always busy doors.
But still I know that in the future, we will meet again,
Someday in the the distance. And I will smile then.

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Key Words : death, pain, part, distance

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This Poems Story

This is an elegy by a friend of the lost. They reflect on the fact that their friend is gone, and the entire friendship now belongs only to them. The dead don\'t remember it. At the end, with the \'I will smile then\' note, it only really means that the other friend will also die, not that they will necessarily meet again after death.