Elemental Love

Our words were sparks thrown around
Until the sparks crashed into each other enough
To form a fully fledged fire.
And the flames, defying air,
Kept rising higher and higher.
But with each word that made the flame grow,
I let my guard down more and more
My heart of steel transformed to one of fragile, thin glass,
Shaking in its place
Almost like it was waiting to break
And then one day,
Glass shattered.
The fire was too wild
Words and actions were furiously thrown around
This was a battle between fire, water, and air
The water crashed onto the fire,
Washing it out, making my world so gloomily dull and damp
And then the air carried away
The wispy remains of this now lost love
After so many months of the battle,
Water and air finally won
And now I'm stuck
With the debris of a lifetime

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