Elie Wiesel

This is what happened during the holocaust
Let us show you what the Jews life cost
People sent into the showers,
But they never came out
The Germans were burning them,
And treating them like cows.
The Jews had not heard of it,
But they were burned in a pit
The Jewish population was nearly wiped out,
Oh wow
The main place was Auschwitz
In Poland
Took the Jews there and they burned them like coal in a tar pit
Took everything they had
Suitcases, valuables, books
This what they took
Burned bodies don’t look ay
For a Jew to come out it was rare,
Usually they were killed and the Germans stole their hair.
Bodies everywhere
Nobody outside cared
It wasn't fair
It was the worst genocide in history
How nobody found out it’s a mystery
Everyone killing the Jews
You hoped they didn’t kill you
The showers you didn’t want to be sent into
People that survived were few
The people who saw it couldn’t believe their eyes,
You wanted to cry
A lot of people who died,
Germany couldn't lie,Germany couldn't hide
After the war,
it was rotten to the core
Many people said it was Hitler
He was the main killer
Respect each other’s differences
This is significant
Be nice
That would be magnificent
We can’t afford to have Holocaust Jr.
At least can’t have it come sooner
Have you heard anything truer
Quit making people bluer

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This Poems Story

I was inspired to speak up for those who cant such as the people who passed from the holocaust and their families.