Ella’s Happy 21st

So the waitress drifted on about the French menu,
And I drank Scotch smooth, my rarely taken favorite drink.
Bruce drank wine, white, although he prefers red; but is having fish.
Ella and her friend are having a Caesar cocktail,rimmed with salt,
just the beginning of many more I didn't recognize.

Pates', exotic fowl, arctic fish, lamb and roasted duck,
in burgundy,
bourbon,wine, and rum sauces,
heavy, smothered with cream and vegetables.
Unthinkable to examine them too closely;
taste and drink and eat and eat,
because this is all laden with a life force.

Chocolate cake made with spearmint and dark, dark cocoa,
walnuts pushed into sugary black icing,
with a candle on each piece lit for her happiness.

With my second Scotch,
there is the certainty it would help digest everything
I had put into my mouth.

My only daughter's 21st birthday dinner-
memorabilia's in my brain and soul.
Because how else are times stored?
The mirror across the room was joyful with people,
And I kept seeing myself in it, just drinking.

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