Wearing a rose-white dress,
With a colorful flower halo,
Ruby gems that befit
Her caramel flavored skin,
The only word to describe her--Goddess.

Glances at an ordinary man with dreamy eyes,
Advances with a propagating alluring redolence,
Hunkers down and coquets an enchanting whisper,
Seductively brushes against the undeserving man,
And alas, yields to a sapid kiss.

Manically, retrogrades away.
Impulsively, lashes out.
Rampantly, she rises.
Tactlessly, snarls gibes.
Fiery, uncontrolled, and volatile.

Regresses to a reserved state,
Emanates a cordial ambience,
Scintillates a charming nature,
Reverts to her serene,
Angelic posture

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