A laugh, a smile, a look upon one's face,
Things we take for granted but instead we should embrace.
You lose sight of things when you dwell in the past.
You never know which moments just may be your last.
We are selfish beings when some things we can't let go.
Life is way too short. That's all we need to know.
The way someone "was" is a thing you will surely miss.
You'll never realize it until you start to reminisce.
They may have snored so loudly, you couldn't get to sleep.
Now that once annoying sound, in your heart you'll always keep.
Something you may have said, you in turn will regret.
When that someone is gone, you never will forget.
Not knowing when.you should always keep in mind.
I know this now, a family like mine is very hard to find.
Moments we always count on, you soon will appreciate.
Don't wait until that point in time.for it might just be too late.
Never feel badly about the things you can't undo.
Make amends before you find yourself standing in the ICU.
Some think that time is endless. That tomorrow is another day
Those that have already lost someone know it doesn't work that way.
Our lives are far too precious. This you can't ignore.
I've learned very quickly. my family is all I live for.
Hold on to your loved ones, anytime or anyplace.
Never take for granted..the lives we should embrace.

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This Poems Story

I began writing poetry when I was thirteen years old. I enjoy all forms of writing whether it's short stories, essays or poetry. I just seem to connect with poetry the best. I find that it's the one way for me to express how I am truly feeling inside. I get inspired by something or someone and I have to write. This poem "Embrace" was inspired by my father. He was recently hospitalized and I came very close to losing him. I always want to remember how I felt so I never take anyone in life for granted.