Embrace Each Color

Luxury never quite came back to me.
Adventure must have caught its' curiosity.
Values spring here and there.
Engagements lie, die, and rise everywhere.
Nurture her back to health they say.
Dependence made me lose my way.
Endure it all while you can.
Relief is surely at the end.

Balance your life between love and hate.
Laughter came;
Understanding is late.
Envision a much greater place.

Generosity hovered in those in need.
Rare that it enlightens greed.
Adversity made the girl indifferent.
Youth brightened in every pigment.

Beginnings often mean something new,
Love pains and revenue.
Addiction set on motivation to survive.
Celebrating with tears in your eyes.
Knowledge of all journeys that made you cry.

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