My eyes are blue though they've always been green.
Shiny little emeralds but they've lost their luster it seems.
I guess I'm not completely worthless afterall,
even though you always push me before I fall.
You may be a pearl but you're not exactly worth much.
You're a dime a dozen with a bad attitude, a cigarette, and a clutch.
Full of nothingness, embellished to deceive.
Sometimes I think you'd love to watch me bleed.
My blood is a flood of precious little rubies.
It's dangerously vibrant but it's also very groovy,
the way it flows, the way it shines.
I see your greed, a thinly veiled disguise.
Given the chance you would drain me dry,
leaving me empty an hollow with no tears left to cry.
But you'll never dig so deep in me again.
You're an enemy. You were never a real friend.
You're just a user, a hot headed abuser.
I see coals where you once had sapphire eyes.
You trapped me in your immense pit of lies.
But now I'm done with all of your silly paper cuts.
Sometimes I think I hate your plastic, faux-diamond guts!
Never again, my heart will you drill and mine.
If by chance you care to know, I am doing fine.
To me you were always the worst. But fret not dear,
you will be reimbursed.
But nothing is ever as bad as it seems.
Still, you didn't always have to be cold, bitter and mean.
Does my happiness offend you? Good.
May that be a lesson learned.
I hope it burns. I hope it burns. I hope it burns.

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