Emily Howard

Emily Howard played often alone,
She wanted no laptop, she wanted no phone.
She didn't fit in with her classmates and peers.
She had no concerns, suspicions or fears.
On her own, through the graveyard, she often would walk,
And to a large stone she would constantly talk .
The stone was so old; its engraving was weak,
"Here lies the body of Benjamin Teak."
"Oh Ben, oh Ben please return from above!"
"I've now lived three lives but I still miss your love!"
"You told me you'd leave heaven's gates but you stay,
My memories Ben, they just won't go away!"
One night in October, two thousand and four,
Emily stood at the grave as before .
Lightning now struck and thunder resounded,
And all in the town were knocked down and astounded .
The old grave cracked open, it now split in three,
"Emily!" Now came a voice "It is me!"
The two now embraced and they walked to the light .
Emily Howard went missing that night.

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