A song so deep
One that everyone ignores
Sung by the girl
Whose father left her ashore
To fight the battle of Peru

Little Emma had nowhere else to go
so she stayed
she stayed thinking her father would come back
unknown of the consequences of war

she waited till midnight
until the arrival of the storm.
The 8-year-old with innocence in her eyes
With pale lips and a growling stomach
Walked till the nearest town
Many a things were damaged
Many were gone

But then she met an old man nearby
He offered her some rice
And she quietly obeyed.
Curiosity filled her mind
And questioned the old man
“how did such a beautiful land
become so dull, not a single soul happy, not a single one not red?”

the old man then explained young Emma
“it is the Spanish, they ruined us all,
Their selfish conquest killed us all.”
The young girl then understood it all
Why her father left her and how her mother never met her
She realized what war had done

All her good possessions
All her lovable ones
They all disappeared leaving her alone.
The sweet young girl
She cried till the sun didn’t rise

After many years
Stood near the shore
A beautiful woman singing a song,
A song so deep
Sung by a maiden in pain
One that everyone ignores.
Now the land was beautiful again
So fertile
No one was sad no one was red
Everyone so joyous
Dancing and celebrating
Emma’s wedding day.

She never once stopped thinking of the war
Many were still affected
It may have left physically
But mentally we still lived it.

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