Emo Love

Black nails, pink hair
Shadowed face, skin fair
Cutting, crying, ready to break
Starving, hurting, hands that shake
Worrying what people think
Standing, waiting, on the brink
On the edge of death itself
Darkness trapping cries for help
No one wants to feel his pain
All too scared, too weak, too lame
Secretly he hopes and he cares
He wants to be held but he's simply to scared
When he tries to stand they push him down
He speaks but they don't hear a sound
All except for her that is...
She hears his cries she sees his tears
She takes his hand, she holds him near
They both are scarred and lost and broken
But now together they keep on hoping
The broken pieces of their hearts
Fit together, a brand new start
And though still nobody hears a sound
And still the rest will push them down
Now they both can cry together
Because together even the pain feels better

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