A tear is only water, like rain from the clouds
A sigh is only air, like wind's bustling sounds
But is emotion a mere thought, like an echo in the mind?
Rooted in its cavities to stay forever entwined?
No, it's merely fickle, like the weather of the sky
Sinks to abysmal depths, then soars cloud-nine high
Can come upon one like a bullet to the back
or push you down like a train on its track
Knocks on your head like an unwanted guest
Barges in forcibly, like it won't be surpressed
But better it be present, than to house apathy?
Kept running the motion in played monotony?
No, its best treasured, like a chest in your heart
Flowing through your veins, expressions apart
Emotion is frightful, like a monster wanting to escape
You'll keep it locked up, from showing on your face.

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