Tell me why do we feel the need to be a victim of silence
And it so happens I will never be one.
Because my hope is too loud and too strong,
I guess my mom did something right
And my Dad's absence made me stronger.
Because I happen to love like I've never been hurt before.
You can say my heads in the clouds
Or maybe it's me getting closer to God.
But you, when someone asks you what's the definition of a tragedy
You respond with a,
" I don't know "
Like " Can I go " and continue with no emotion.
Can I stop breathing and have no one notice
And it's only getting worse.
No one around you admits to emotion
And we have become comfortable with that.
You can say that's a tragedy.
But for now you go home and take a shower.
Having the water ease your mind,
for a moment it's as if you're in your Mother's womb
Having the evils of life not touch you yet;
You sometimes wish you could take a longer shower
I sometimes wished I didn't find every broken soul to be beautiful
I guess that's why I love strong
I guess that's why I love matte dark eyes
Matching with matte emotions,
But it turns out that you are probably the most kind of hearts I know.

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