Gone are the days of blue and green.
Gone are the words from the lines in between.
Within a moment, fleeting thoughts
Transform into meaningless, heavy, and bleeding rocks.

The moon is bright, yet the lens is not.
The flower blooms, yet in a broken pot.
Good is good, real is real;
But breathless in a void is how I feel.

My baby's smile is wondrous and wild;
The lack of experience in this golden child,
Is enough for me to forget the rest,
And let my heart sing right through my chest.

Not for long, as my joy expires.
My smile, my thoughts, my body begin to tire.
D is for dire.
E is for enough.
P is for pity.
And R is for rough.
E is for escape.
S is for sleep.
S is for more because I don't sleep,
D is for desire to get out of this rut.

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