emotional abuse

Emotional abuse by misha stmichael

Emotional abuse
Is when they get inside your head
They only make you happy by giving you meds
You mom holds you tight as she kicks you out that same night

Put a blade through your heart
To make you regret life
They yell and yell
Their voice as loud as bombs

The river is what collects in your fathers eyes
As he traps you from going to bed
To tell you lies
Lies in his bed
Naked as a troll
Stinks like a whore

It’s when he feels bad he lets you sit with him
To remind him how bad you are
When rain collects in your eyes
Is when he smiles and relaxes

When he gropes you right before bed
And holds you tight
Then rapes you that same night

When he gives you presents
Only to make you pay them back
To make him feel good
By making you sad

Emotional abuse
Is when he calls you on the house phone
Telling you he loves you
But won’t let you eat

You try to kill yourself
And he laughs
Tells you you’re trash
Sells you to make cash

When he says he will always love you
But leaves you on the road
Abuse is death
Abuse is all the same

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i have been emotionally abused my whole life along with other abuse. i think people should know what is really liked inside the brain of the victim.