I thought it was all gone be good later
But everything just going down hill right now
I lost everybody l, I have nobody to tell my stories to
So I figured I'll just right it on paper
Sometimes I wish I could have all the power
Sometimes i wish I could just take the throne
But everythings just getting worst hour by hour
I've been broken, I've been afraid, and I'm alone
Darkness fulfills my soul, knives live in my back
Evil spirits in my head, my sight wears the color black
Pain dances in my heart, thorns open my vains
Sorrowness and regret tears me apart, sometimes I think I'm insane
Bloods flowing from my hands
I'm gasping for air
I can't feel my legs
Nor can I stand
How I feel when nobody cares
My stomach moves up and down
My legs walk forward never back
Too much to live for, so why die now
I gotta find myself
I gotta know where I'm at

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