Emotionally Jailed

The white walls and blank mirror
give me a chance to clear my head
As I feel the sickening push of tears
that fill me with dread
My eyes start to water
and I try to hold back
but it's too late;
the water pushes forth and cracks
Fueled by past memories and cruel emotions,
it flows
It crashes into the nearest ship
and takes it below
The water swirls inside my mind
until it overtakes me and I go blind
There's no one there to pull me to the surface
I've closed myself too much for there to be anyone left
I realize this as I accept my fate of a certain death
How did I let myself get this far?
I'm the one who shut myself in and pulled the jail bar
I snap back into reality and look at the bathroom flood
that I'm trying to navigate and get out of
I finally leave it, wishing it a see you soon
Because I know I'll be back before noon

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