Close your eyes.
Imagine me.
Now open them and take a look at me.
Read me, analyze me.
Anatomy in a sense of no books, pens, or paper.
Rather feelings, emotions, and emptiness.
It is not what you see opposed to what is actually there.
It's a skeleton I've mirrored to capture my presence.
She's what I used to be.
I now rally a service of no emotions and kidnapped tissues.
It's a string of bewildered yesterdays and unsure tomorrows.
The nonequivalent balance of shared time and opportunity.
I'm trying to figure out when I got like this: empty, expressionless.
Shield me away from the unhappiness I am feeling.
It's a day that I remember that I cannot yet fathom.
I mean maybe from when I was stripped of my innocence or
Maybe when the betrayal got confused with trust or
Maybe when the loyalty got twisted with lust.
Somewhere along the way, somebody said love.
I take this journey down an unknown path and release everything.
I take one step and I release my trust.
I take another step and release my love and.
As I end the pathway and I rewind to the very thought of you,
I see why I stand here feeling.

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