Fear, anger, sadness, joy- disgust
All I went through when I lost your trust
You bid me farewell and cast me to the side
Then wanting me back saying that I am your all;
You’re beautiful bride.
You can’t play with people’s emotions
Saying whatever you want ignoring your superstitious notions
Your carefree and selfish ways
Leaves you with bitter and dark days
While mine are getting brighter and brighter;
Happiness is near the end
Because I live my life with truth and never pretend
See I love others even through the madness!
No need to call them names, insult them and cause them sadness.
Sigh at the amount of emotions which consume my life;
Making me at times feel uncomfortable, isolated, guilt ridden
Dismayed, exhausted and pitted with strife
To be hopeful yet anticipating the hurt, bitter, left drained and weary
To overcome loneliness, humiliation, thinking one day all will be good
Only turns out to be an unimaginable, infatuated theory.
You've attempted to strip me, rip me
And taking my strength, my happiness and all my joy
Never again will you be able to manipulate, control and treat me like your toy
Where I was once depressed, anxious, sad then numb
I’ve learned that it’s your insecurities and misery which you try to keep me under your thumb
To hold me back from all good I seek;
It is you who is unhappy and incomplete.

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