Trying to clear my head with these messed up feeling that have been breed, wanting to stop my heart from pounding and leaning on every word he says. Shake it off this is not real this things inside me that making me feel so ill. Thinking that I can exsape these crazy feeling that I feel.

STOP just take a Deep breath and take this pill, this pill of insanity that will make reality become real.

The thought of thinking how to make this deal, this forever lasting love that shit ain't really real. Running miles on E dose he truly understand how I just want to keep it real.

The feel of being wanted for me and not the way I make your pockets feel. The feel of needing someone not just my set of wheels

The choice is your, your right and I get that's part of the deal, but I won't stand here much longer asking you to just keep real. Making people think you are that big of a deal when you can't your ass a real job in your actually career field.

You run around acting big and bad as if you got bitches running laps like a movie reel but the truth be told you fear the facts of reality of that's giving you love and just fucking being here.

Look at you cry all those tears, wornding why can't life just be fair. Why can't my music go viral just for a year, why can I win and be a millionaire.

See that's what you don't understand about life god throws you curve balls and your suppose to get the bat and fight. He throws you a women that is maintaining her life and still treating you beyond her feeling inside, patiently waiting for when you open your eyes to realize this queen that has been sitting by your side.

Today is gone and tomorrow is new so tell me what are you going to do cause a Queen like me is hard to come by especially for a boy who can't really follow through with his life.

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