And when I can’t read you what do I do
I want to make it all better put your world back together
And if I don’t have the power how hard can I fight
How hard can I push what is my might?
I wish I could know everyone’s intentions
Make them act right with minor intervention
And bring about a peace that no one’s seen before
A stop to the disputes, tragedies, and war
I can’t help my empathy, im stuck
Put too much weight on my shoulders
Feel bad when you’re down on your luck
Just tell me what I can do to pull you through
Don’t think you’re too much
The sadness I see in you isn’t anything new
Don’t be so quick to judge
I’ve got scars that need healing to
But first we can attend to you
Because I know my feet will carry me through
My scars I do not hide
All they mean is I survived

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