How did you feel when I caught you?
I saw shame, way you quickly glanced down and changed your voice
You sounded guarded, indifferent
It's not worth it I told you
And then you told me what happened
I wanted to take in your left arm and softly kiss all those scars
I love you
Not in the sexual way
But in a protective way
At that moment you were my brother, you were my uncle, my son
I wanted to tell you that I understood
That I can empathize
Because before and after everything we are still human
Flawed and scarred and sick
You kept on disappearing throughout the night
I picture what you were doing
Looking at yourself in the mirror, telling yourself off
Being mean and cruel, and sick, wishing you were high
I followed you around, hoping to keep you safe, even just for a day
I wanted to hug you, to wipe your invisible tears of your face
Let me kiss your scars, I know what it feels like to be human

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